Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 3, 2014

Dear Family,
Guess who I just met in the library-Austin Ball! He's got his visa and he will be in Mexico by February 17th. It's great to see a familiar face. I saw him the first day he got here too, but only for 5 seconds. Anyways, it's been an interesting week. First I must say that change is difficult, and seemingly unpleasant, but if it's change through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it's always better. Sister Kirschner and I have been studying a talk called "The Fourth Missionary," by Elder Corbridge. The fourth missionary loves God and serves him with all of his heart, holding back nothing. Elder Corbridge says this is the only way to be happy on our missions, putting aside all other desires so that the following the will of God is our only desire I can testify that this is true. Even in life, if we are not willing to submit our will to God's there is a gap between where we are emotionally and where we could have real peace and eternal joy and happiness. My mission is wonderful, but maybe I find myself too often thinking of the things I could be doing that I think would make myself and others happier. But in reality if I am able to give God my heart and focus on His will that is the only way I will be happy and content with the work I am doing! It's a blessing that the Atonement is a continuous process, a merciful opportunity for us to become more like our Savior every moment of every day. It's just up to us to open the door, to allow Christ into our hearts so that he can change us. The work of Salvation goes nowhere without Him!
So, we are still working on John. We had an appt with him last Thursday night at his garage and we missed him! He went in just a couple minutes before we got there, he told us the next day. My heart was smashed to smitherines! He said he only went to be nice, but little does he know he is here for a reason, and it's to hear about the gospel! This man has been through so much, and the gospel has all the answers his soul is looking for. In fact, MANY people in Maple Valley are yearning for the gospel, and our job is to help them UNDERSTAND, which has been a daunting task. Understanding is such an interesting concept. Sometimes as human beings we hear things and even "learn" them, but it seems to take a while for us to actually understand what it means for us personally in the scheme of things. The most important thing we can rely on is the Spirit which will always testify to us of truth.
I am just really really grateful for the gospel. It is true. Yesterday I fasted for specific things and I was blessed with specific answers during church. Church really is amazing. The testimonies and experiences of others combined with the word of God is invaluable. I want to learn how to give my heart to God, and yesterday we ended up in a class we don't usually go to at church, and they talked about the difference in attitude of Cain and Enoch. We studied from Moses 5, 6, and 7. Cain loved Satan more than God, and Enoch learned what it meant to align his will with God's. Who do you think was happier, at peace, and guaranteed a place with God in eternity? We had dinner at the Thompson's home last night and they gave us a list called "The Road to True Discipleship" By Elder Busche. Wow. That is an amazing guide for our lives. You should look it up and read it. I know that through prayer and fasting we can be blessed with peace and answers to our questions.
We taught Riley, Devaughn, Katelyn, and Tristan and Colton this week all in the same lesson. Tristan and Colton are Riley's cousins who are going to be baptized as well. I am so happy we are teaching these children. Children truly are meek, humble, teachable. Colton must be one of the sweetest boys I've ever met, I can't even describe it. They are teaching me about faith and meekenss. Devaughn has had some amazing spiritual experiences in receiving comfort about his mom passing away. He is a spiritual giant. And Riley never ceases to amuse us. Whenever we ask him a question, he responds with "Be nice, be healthy, be happy, pray..." He just lists everything good that he knows. They are all so wonderful.
LaChelle wasn't able to come to church, but her faith is growing. She has faith in prayer! She wants the gospel knowledge. She is wonderful.

And of course, each ward, Lake Wilderness and Rock Creek, is amazing. I love the people I serve around. They inspire me so much. Sister Kirschner is also constantly teaching me about faith and serving God with our hearts. She is a fantastic missionary.
I love you all so much. Have a most wonderful week. And isn't it great to know that if our week isn't "most wonderful" we can pour out our hearts to God in prayer and we can be HAPPY?! Watch the Mormon Message "We Can Find Happiness." It's a good one.
Sister Mecate

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