Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 2, 2013

Dear family,
I don't have a whole lot of time left this week, but let me tell you, training turns your mission into a whole other ball game! It's kind of like being a mom. Everything I do and say will affect how my companion feels and how she acts. I have really felt the pressure in wanting to be the best missionary I can be. I also must say that I love Sister Kirschner! She is such a blessing to me! I learn from her everyday. She has a beautiful testimony and great faith. We work together well contacting, tracting, and teaching. We find new things everyday in which we are similar. She was on a softball scholarship at Salt Lake Community College, but felt that she needed to come on a mission, so she did. She is so kind and she just loves people and wants to share the gospel with them.
Thanksgiving was amazing. First, we had a mission activity in the morning in which we were allowed to play volleyball, basketball, hang out, watch a movie, and eat Costco muffins. It was so fun to see missionaries dressed down just being themselves. We ended up having dinner at the Peterson's house. We couldn't have been made more welcome. Sister Peterson is hands down one of the most Christ-like people I have ever met. I already know that working with her and Sister Kirschner is going to change my mission. Sister Peterson is the Relief Society President in Rock Creek, and she is all about missionary work. She has started a Relief Society committee meeting in the ward and already has a referral set up for us. She lives and breaths the gospel. All she wants is for everyone to feel and have the same joy that she has experienced in coming unto the Savior. She is a convert herself and knows the difference that the gospel can make. Thanksgiving dinner was so yummy. We had all the rounds of thanksgiving food-the stuffing made my day. And then dessert was a bunch of delicious pies. The only thing missing was Mom's pumpkin pie. I couldn't help thinking to myself about the line that Bruce says in Matilda- "My mom's is better." But everything really was superb. I was so grateful that day for the Peterson's and for the gospel, to be able to feel at home miles away from my family. It was a great blessing. Sister Peterson's less-active brothers were also there and she asked us to share our testimonies and why we came on a mission at the dinner table. Later that night and the next day she told us about how impressed her brother Scott was with us. This touched our heart. Scott has been pondering about getting to the temple to be sealed to his family forever. It was a blessing to play a small part in bringing him back to the gospel.
On Friday we had a great lesson with Lachelle. We brought Sister Peterson as fellowship and it's like they were meant to be friends! They have been through so many similar things. Lachelle really opened up with us and I think we made a lot of progress. She believes in a God, but isn't quite sure about everything. She has been through tings that might turn others to harden their hearts and deny that there is a God, but she has been able to see how He has helped her through the hard times. Lachelle is just wonderful! I have faith that she will accept the gospel and that she will soon recognize the small and quiet voice of the Spirit.
As Sister Kirschner and I have exercised our faith, we have seen miracles. Just last night we found a new investigator within the last 15 minutes of our day. If we had gone in early we would have missed out on praying with a pizza delivery guy, inviting a nonreligious guy to "Celebrate the Nativity," and finding a new investigator, the mother of a less-active lady in the ward. It always seems to be in hindsight that I recognize how Heavenly Father blesses us for the faith that we exercise. This work truly is amazing and filled with miracles. I testify that God loves us and He is just waiting to bless us as we exercise real faith.
I love you all so much I hope you are able to feel and remember the real meaning of the upcoming holiday season. The Christmas Spirit in the air here is so thick you could it with a knife. I love this time of year. I am grateful to be a missionary. Have a great week!
Sister Mecate

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