Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hello family!
How is it going down there in the Valley? It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the beach, the temple, at camp, and lots of stuff! You best believe I'm going to be at the beach as soon as possible when I am no longer a missionary! Is everyone surviving the heat? I hope so.
I think I should really make notes about my week so that when I sit down to send you an email it makes sense and isn't so random, but since I did not do that I am just going to start typing! So, I am 2 months in! 16 more to go! I am now gaining a better understanding of why missionaries should not talk about or focus on how much time they have left. These 2 months have flown by. I feel like I was just in the MTC getting ready to fly out to Seattle. But at the same time, time seems to go by slowly. At the end of my mission though, I know it will have gone by too fast. Some people have said the days go by like weeks, but the weeks go by like days, which I definitely find to be true.
So, what am I learning on my mission? Too much to be written in an email. And there is still so much to learn. It is a never-ending process of learning. I am learning to be more tolerant, in personal, lasting relationships and with people I talk to for 20 seconds. I am learning to have more faith, to believe that the Atonement can cure me of my "human-ness" in every aspect, and that it can free others of their own spiritual bonds which seem impossible to escape alone. I am learning that the Lord is never far. He is only as far as we as me make him out to be. I am learning that we MUST sacrifice pride, fear, doubt, selfishness, if we are to become more like the Savior. And in all these things I am learning that I am only an infant in understanding them. But, I know that the Lord is merciful. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that we can find a pure and lasting joy through Him. I know I am a daughter of God and that I mean everything to Him, that we all do. I know that, even as hard as it may seem at times, serving the Lord is the greatest thing we can do in this life. I know that the Atonement is real and that life is GOOD!
This past Saturday we went to the farmer's market, because Tammy wanted to go there with us and we had wanted to go there on our lunch break anyways. It's such a fun little market. There is fruit and honey and flowers and roasted nuts! It's kind of like a mini Pike's market. Anyways, Tammy took a while to get there and then when she finally got there we looked around fro a little bit and she treated us to lunch which was so sweet. We had wanted to share a message/mini lesson with her, but it didn't quite work out that way. She is so funny. She says she is so worried about us being out in the world alone and she talks about how bad things happen all the time. She thinks we are so sweet and she just wants to protect us from the world. She raves about the one time I played the piano for her and she says she is going to get it tuned so I can play it fro her again, a blessing for her and more for me!She talks about her dogs constantly. They are like her children. She says when she is around us she remembers her dog Harley who passed away a few months ago. She told us that she feels like we came into her life for a reason, but she doesn't know why yet. I wonder what that could be??? ;) She always jokes that we aren't going to convert her, but we are working on it! We are trying to help her know she is a daughter of God and that she has a purpose her and that there is a plan for her. Slowly but surely we will get there.
This week we taught a woman named Karen. She was referred to us by someone in the ward. Let me tell you, this woman is amazing. She has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. She grew up Catholic and is working for a Presbyterian church now as a music coordinator or something. She has served multiple mini missions. She just devotes her life to serving people. And she is always praising God. She said a prayer with us at the end that just touched me. She prayed for us as missionaries and for the people that we meet. I wish I could remember all the things she said. She is letting us teach her I guess becasue she is under the impression that we are "practicing" our teaching, which just doesn't sit well with me. I want her to know our purpose! And I think we kind of made that more clear as we taught her the Restoration and explained Priesthood authority and baptism to her. She says she just loves learning about other religions and seeing how other people worship. We left her with a Book of Mormon and committed her to read and pray about it. I just love her and I am praying that the Spirit can touch her and that she will receive the witness that it is true.
I haven't told you about the Bryants yet! They are a Senior couple who work in the mission office. So if you call the mission office and talk to a Sister Bryant, just know that she is the sweetest woman and that I just adore her! They live in the same apartment complex as us and are in the same ward. Whenever we see them they brighten our day. One day we were discussing the things we liked to drink (Pepsi for Sister Margaritis and Cranberry juice for me) and the next day there were 2 bottles on our doorstep with a bow tied around each of them. Goodness, I love that lady! They got here around the same time I did and will leave about the same time. They live in Taylorsville so I definitely going to visit them after my mission.
The other day was a day of miracles! We met a lady named Teresita from the Phillipines. She said we could come back and teach her more. and then we ran into...the Seeley's! They were driving by and they pulled over and I squealed like a little girl (embarrassing) and we talked for a bit! It was exciting! I can't believe how grown up they are. Anyways, I wish I could write more, but my time is up!
I love you all! Enjoy the beach for me as much as you can!
Danielle-Sister Mecate

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