Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13, 2014

Dear Family,
I am so happy I got to see your beautiful faces! I must say, nobody's personality has changed one bit! It's fantastic! You guys keep me going. Thanks for all that you do!
I was thinking about what Dad said, that every Sunday was the best thing of the year. I would have to agree. Sunday's are the best. When we go to church and take the sacrament, we get to start over again. We renew our covenants with God, and we receive power from on high to continue on in life and do better the next week than we did the last. We get to be surrounded by people who also go through struggles and have hectic lives, but who believe in Jesus Christ as well. And what I love is that God always seems to answer my prayers through those at church who speak or teach. Sometimes I even receive answers to prayers I have not yet prayed, God knows me so well! And this past Sunday was wonderful, because we got to celebrate the wonderful gift of motherhood and all that our moms have done for us. Our Bishop gave an especially touching talk about the roles that women play in life. He talked about how women should be treated with the greatest respect, and how we have certain spiritual gifts that men do not because of our motherly nature. Women and men were created to work together in marriage to raise God's Spirit children! I am so grateful for families. "The family is ordained of God." (The Family: A proclamation to the world) Families are central to God's plan. I am so grateful to know that because of the Savior, we can be with our families forever, and especially because I get to be with MY wonderful family!
This week we have seen miracles as we have talked with lots of people! I think I keep saying this every week, but it's true! We met one lady this week who has more Mormon friends than not. She said she is more spiritual than religious, but she has a wayward son that she is struggling to help. We testified of how our message can help her. We told her of Alma who prayed for his wayward son, Alma the younger, in the Book of Mormon. She wanted a copy of her own so she could read the story! We are going back to teach her whole family next week. We also have met very many interesting people as we have talked with everyone. Life is never boring here in Auburn!
Oh, I cannot believe I forgot to tell you this, but Riley and Devaughn, the two little boys we were teaching in Maple Valley, got baptized last week! I will have to get some pictures printed out and send them! Also, their cousins Trsistan and Colton were baptized. I was allowed to drive back to Maple Valley for the baptism. There was a special Spirit there. I was especially touched when Riley was baptized, because I didn't know if it would be scary for him to go under the water. But he did, and he seemed very happy! Then they were all confirmed and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost there. It was a blessing to get to go back and be there that day!
I'm out of time! I love you guys!
Sister Mecate

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